Bau + Deskpass

Last year we met a team based out of Chicago solving a very similar problem to the one we’re addressing at Bau. Their name is Deskpass, and they’ve created a fantastic monthly coworking membership offering access to 175+ coworking spaces in Chicago, LA, NYC, Austin, Denver and now San Francisco.

It didn’t take long to realize that joining forces made a ton of sense. Together, we'll make great spaces all over the country as easy to find, book, and share as humanly possible.

As of the start of the year, Bau & Deskpass have united under the Deskpass name. Since late last year, we’ve worked behind the scenes to prepare for an ambitious and exciting year growing and integrating all of the features and functionalities that make Bau great into Deskpass.

For now, you shouldn’t notice much of a difference. We are focused on making the transition to the new application seamless for you, and access to the spaces you love will just get even easier. Our team size has more than doubled and we’ve secured funding to ensure we’re in it for the long haul. We have so many exciting new things in the works that we just can’t wait to share.

We’re nothing without the fantastic people that have helped contribute to Bau by booking space, sharing feedback and spreading the word! We couldn’t be more excited about what the future has in store. If you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Happy Coworking!
JF, Tim, Nicole & Sam

PS: If you’re interested in learning more about Deskpass for monthly memberships to over 175 coworking spaces in six cities, we’re happy to offer you a free membership for your first month!

Campsyte Launches New Outdoor Workspace Powered By Bau

Now you can enjoy the outdoors and boost your work productivity in SOMA, downtown San Francisco. Need fresh air and a forest getaway to charge up your workday? Add free artisanal espresso beverages, fresh cold brew coffee and kombucha on tap, a handful of nutritious snacks, and you've got...


We are thrilled to power Campsyte's newest creation with seamless on demand access. Just scan the Bau code at the gate to unlock the door with your BauHQ app. Maybe get a camper for your team? Then, just check out when you're refreshed. We think you'll have the perfect day!

From Campsyte:

Your On-Demand Backyard Getaway
Welcome to OutCamp! San Francisco’s first outdoor coworking space. Use it like you would your own backyard. An urban campground for work and play, bookable campers and tents for meetings or privacy, a stocked camp kitchen with coffee/tea, snacks, kombucha and cold brew coffee on tap, and amenities like wifi and printing...

For full details on OutCamp, click here.


We also invite you to explore all our spaces on the new BauHQ app, available for free on iOS & Android.


Have a great day,

The Bau Team

The New BauHQ App is Live!


It's easier than ever to make the city your limitless HQ.

Seamlessly check into the perfect seat or room at inspiring workspaces, like they're your own HQ. Spaces are now available throughout the Bay Area.

Download the updated BauHQ app.


With Bau...

Stay as briefly or as long as you like - no monthly fee, ever.

Your work HQ is wherever YOU need to be.

Space access has never been this seamless and easy.

Bau gives you...

  • Seamless entry, including keyless door control at some locations
  • On demand access to inspiring private seats and rooms
  • Live space availability insight
  • Step-by-step directions to help you navigate locations and make them your HQ
  • Amenities to help you do your best work, such as high-speed wifi, abundant power outlets, print & scan, coffee, tea, snacks, and more
  • On-site support from professional hosts

You have access to multiple floors and rooms at many of our professional host locations. Explore them on the app to find out more, or check in and spend some time.

Bau spaces are priced for individuals and teams. Get your perfect space.

Digital Entry QR Codes For Hosts Now Available!

It's a great day for Bau Hosts!

Say hello to your Digital Entry QR Code. Now use any device to seamlessly check in your customers. Available for free on your Bau Dashboard.

digital entry QR code
physical code

NOTE: Contact [email protected] for any login assistance you may need to your Bau Dashboard.

In addition to the original physical Entry QR Code that you already use to check in your customers, we now offer a digital Code that displays on all your devices. Use the option that best fits your space management style, or ask us for advice at [email protected].

As always, we strive to give you the best combination of security and flexibility to check customers into your space seamlessly.

Secure & Flexible

  • Secure: The Bau Entry QR Code provides a secure check-in experience for you and your customers. It requires your customers to scan your unique location code at your designated location entry point to check in (at your concierge desk, gate, door, etc) with their BauHQ mobile app. With Bau, you control the check-in point for your customers, and prevents mistaken check-ins from alternate locations not approved by you
  • Flexible: You always have both options to check in your customers, the physical and the digital Bau Entry QR Code. Use whatever works best for your space

Works On All Your Devices

To display your digital Bau Entry QR Code:
• Log into your Bau Dashboard on any browser and on any device
• Tap on the blue Entry QR Code at the top of the screen
• If you have multiple locations, select the desired location from the drop down menu on the right first
• Display your Entry QR Code to customers at your concierge desk desktop computer or iPad, or on your staff's mobile phones when greeting arriving customers

Contact us at  for advice and assistance. We love to help!

Contact us at [email protected] for advice and assistance. We love to help!

Lost Your Physical Entry Code?

No problem, just log into your Bau Dashboard to display your digital Entry QR Code to check in your customers seamlessly. Order a new physical Entry QR Code any time at [email protected].


Check in your customers by having them scan your Entry QR Code with their BauHQ mobile app. This starts the customer billing process for any space they use while checked into your location.

Once checked in, customers with room reservations are billed for open seating time before and after using their reserved room, if they stays for more than 5 minutes. With Bau's check-in automation, you never loose track of customers, or have customers mistakenly stay for free before or after room reservations.

Once checked in to your location at your Entry QR Code, your customers can check into available spaces throughout your location on demand with their BauHQ app, such as lounges, booths, and rooms you offer. Your customers can also invite guests on their BauHQ app, for which they are automatically billed. Your customers' activity and their guest invites are all tracked live on your Bau Dashboard.

The BauHQ app also gives your customers wifi, print, and scan info, and keyless door entry ability (if offered by your location) when checked into your location.

The BauHQ app is available for your customers at Combined with your Bau Dashboard, Bau creates a seamless and transparent experience for you and your customers.

Bau bills your customers automatically at the end of the day, helps maximize your space management efficiency, and gives you more time to provide your awesome space experience.

Thank you for using Bau in your space. We love helping to create an amazing and seamless experience between you and your customers. Contact us with any questions at [email protected] or 408.212.0280. We are here to help.

With best regards,
- JF Thye, ceo & co-founder of Bau

Work from Anywhere with Bau

Thank you for helping us get here!

We have a lot to be thankful for at Bau, and a particularly big shoutout goes to our professional host space partners and early BauHQ app adopters.

Our host network is growing rapidly and we are working hard on the next major BauHQ app version, which will be even easier to use and cover a broader range of building types. Also, our host dashboard continues to mature rapidly, enabling our hosts to monitor their space activities at a glance, and make custom updates on the fly.

Joining us is free, and pay only for what you use.
Download the BauHQ app to get into the best workspaces with just a tap. We believe your schedule is king!



We're Ready for You

Our first 4 gorgeous host spaces are LIVE and waiting to improve how you get work done in San Francisco! And, more are coming.

Experience the convenience that Bau will bring to your life, and share this news with your 1,000 closest friends on Facebook and Instagram. We love every Bau community member, and plan to launch with three more Bay Area hosts before the end of 2016, and expand to the East Coast in 2017.

What is Bau?

We started with a simple thought. Technology has enabled our work life to be hyper mobile, but our physical office hasn't moved. Wouldn't it be amazing if our headquarters could accompany us to wherever we need to be with all its support, perks, and services? Or, even better, why not have instant access to gorgeous, comfortable, and safe workspace, like it's our own HQ, wherever we go?

We've all been there. Sometimes you have to get off the noisy street (or out of a hectic cafe) and into a quiet spot for that important call. Or, you need an inspiring space to focus, meet with your team, impress your client... and limitless fresh coffee, filtered water, and healthy snacks couldn't hurt. What about that gap time between meetings on the go - wouldn't a magical key to a space with insanely fast wifi where you can gather your thoughts save the day? Maybe you want to spend time each week at a convenient workspace, but a monthly membership isn't right for you. If only there was a seamless solution...

Enter Bau. We partner with beautiful workspaces to help you find and access on demand headquarters - with just a tap!

The BauHQ app is free, and you only pay for what you use.


Gone are complicated leases and monthly fees. The BauHQ app is simple, and makes space work for you. How simple? See this video of Jessica using her BauHQ app.


...and did you know?

While our first spaces are in San Francisco, we plan to grow the Bau community in the Bay Area and beyond. Contact us at [email protected] to tell us about the workspace you love, let us know where we should go next, or submit your own space here.

We also love feedback. Tell us about your experience, ask questions, and share how we can improve at [email protected].

With much gratitude to everyone supporting the Bau project, we wish you a great workday!

- The Bau Team

Say "hello" to our gorgeous hosts

And, join us in beta!

You asked for it and we started building - the BauHQ app is now your new key to vibrant workspaces for individuals and teams - on demand, and no monthly fees, ever.

Need a secure space where you can drop your stuff and set up your own headquarters for half an hour or the day? Want amenities that help you get the job done?

Bau host spaces offer it all for as little as $1.50 per half hour to get started. Simply check in by scanning the Bau Entry Code, and let the app handle the rest. Download your own new BauHQ app from the Apple App Store and Google Play and instantly check into a convenient host space near you.

We are here to help at [email protected] and would love your feedback. Join our community and start exploring!

Wishing you a happy workday,

- The Bau Team

Work in a modern space surrounded by art at Eco-Systm.

Hotel sophistication in the heart of FiDi at ConnectionsSF.

Finding your work zone at COVO.

A gem in the heart of China Town, with balconies overlooking historic alleys at Treehouse Space.

Tap, scan, YOU'RE IN

Bau's name is derived from "Bauhaus", the architectural movement that pioneered synergy of form and function. Our BauHQ app sets out to give you seamless access to vibrant and inspiring workspaces, on demand, and at great prices for individuals and teams.

Bau host spaces provide a safe, beautiful, and convenient experience with lots of amenities. Additionally, an in-house support staff is there to help you with anything you need. 

Make Bau host spaces your HQ for a quick visit, or the whole day. Many of our hosts grant you entry for as little as $1.50 per half hour, made possible by the Bau automation between you and your host.

Our starting spaces are in San Francisco, and we hope to grow the Bau community of visitors and hosts there and beyond. If we can help you and your community share the workspaces you love, contact us at [email protected], or submit your space, and let us know where we should go next. We are thrilled to hear from you, and promise a real person will answer.

We are so excited for you to download your own free BauHQ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. See you soon!

Wishing you a happy workday,

- The Bau Team