Bau the fastest and easiest way for Hosts to Check In and Bill their Visitors

Bau is used by work space Hosts and Visitors to create seamless connections and high quality space experiences.

Your Bau Host Dashboard is a powerful and intuitive portal to lease your seats, tables, and rooms on demand, and at maximum efficiency. Bau automates all aspects of guest entry, processing, and billing.

  • Check in your visitors seamlessly.

  • See live activity in your space.

  • Get check in, reservation, and space use email notifications.

  • Download your data for analysis.

How It Works

Bau is an application used by a growing number of Hosts to automate their workspace and seamlessly grant Visitors secure entry to their open seating and reservable rooms.

Visitors use the BauHQ app on their mobile device to find, reserve, and check into Host locations.

Bau makes the check in process a breeze for both the Host and Visitor, tracks Visitor activity live in the Host's space, and automatically bills the Visitor after their stay.  

  • Visitors Check In to your space by scanning your unique Digital or Physical Bau Entry QR Code.
  • This automatically starts Visitor billing in your space.
  • Visitors can also make advanced reservations for reservable rooms with their BauHQ app. The Host is informed instantly by email, on their dashboard, and via Google Calendar.
  • Hosts use the Bau Dashboard to monitor all activity live inside their location, from the moment the Visitor scans the Host's Bau Entry Code, to the time the visitor checks out.

Your Visitors scan your unique Digital or Physical Entry QR Code provided by Bau.

Display your Entry QR Code digitally on any device, or with a physical metal monument or behind-glass code sticker provided by Bau. Learn More about checkin in your Visitors →

Dashboard Layout

Have your space manager contact [email protected] for log in support.


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For Any Questions

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