Planning ahead? Explore spaces on MAP and LIST view. Get directions or reserve your favorite booth, team, or conference room in advance. Your space is instantly held for you.

Check In

Check Out

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You don't need a reservation to use space! Just tap the check in button, scan the Bau Entry QR Code, and voila! - grab a seat. Check into any room right from the app as you go. If your space requires keys, your check in reveals keyless door buttons, detailed space info, and tracks your billing in the SPACE INFO button.

CHECK OUT when you leave to stop billing. See you next time!

Begin Your Customized Workday

Our goal is to give you the tools to have great work space experience, when and where you need it. We provide seamless and easy access to beautiful locations and rich communities so you can have the perfect space and support for a productive day.

Seamless Access

With the BauHQ app on your phone, you are in control of your workspace. Just scan our Bau Entry QR Codes to check in and enter host locations or building. The app reveals keyless door buttons and vital space information after checking in.

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Flexible Use

Use space for just a few minutes, hours, or stay for the day. Settle into a cozy library, or try a soundproof solo room to focus, conduct important calls, or just relax and think.  Larger rooms are perfect for team and client meetings.


Explore & Reserve

We help you explore locations before you get there and reserve your favorite space in advance. Compare lounge, library, solo, team, conference room availability and pricing on the fly. Then just tap to make it yours.


Want o invite guests to join you in open seating? Easy. Just tap the ADD GUESTS button to invite them in and mark their entry and exit time. Billing is automatic. We do this to simplify your life, and make you look awesome! Guests are automatically included in your private room charges and don't need to be added separately.


Curious for more? Check out our FAQs. We may have it covered there.