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Company Overview

Hello World

Bau is a sharing economy software startup, based in San Francisco. We are a registered limited liability company, BAU LLC. Our name, Bau, originates from the 1919 art school, Bauhaus, translated literally as "construction house." Bauhaus combined craft and fine art with the goal of problem solving for society. The "HQ" in our domain name stands for headquarters, which we aim to provide for our members.

Tagline: Bau is the easy and secure way to find, reserve, and access inspiring workspace for individuals and teams.

Idea: Bau aims to provide seamless access to great workspace for the rapidly growing mobile workforce. With Bau, you pay for what you use, no membership fees.

Our goal is to provide access to inspiring workspace and communities so that you have the support to do your best work, wherever you are, and on demand. Our space partner network consists of gorgeous coworking spaces, spectacular hotels, and unique convenient spaces. Space offerings include flexible open seating, soundproof personal workspace, private team rooms, spiffy conference rooms, and more.

We are truly inspired by our space owners (or hostsand provide them tools to automate space operations and optimize use economics. Bau takes a novel approach to space management by treating spaces as ecosystems and smartphones as keys. This allows us to provide a menu of space options to users (or visitors), ranging from shared library-style seating to private rooms, at the price that's right for the occasion. On the host side, we provide a fully automated Dashboard that provides powerful, real-time space activity insights at a glance, along with easy customization for space updates.

Users are charged in half hour increments, with prices determined by the resource category (e.g. flexible open seating vs. private room rates).

Bau is available now for iOS and Android as the BauHQ app, and online at

How Bau Works

Our users download the free app for iPhone or Android devices. The app features immediate access and advanced planning tools, providing the flexibility to get space in those spontaneous moments when our members are on the move. We don’t charge membership or monthly fees, ever. An additional web app, accessible by creating an account online at, provides only an advanced reservation capability, while the smartphone app has location-based unlocking and point-and-access capabilities.

Our space partners are a curated network of owners who provide engaging and inspiring workspace communities. Bau is compatible with the major coworking management platforms, and provides automated access, billing, and administration of space visitors. Becoming a Bau host is simple, and the Bau Support Team handles the entire process. Though we have initially launched in the Bay Area, we look forward to expanding to other cities in the near future.

Our Market

We are thrilled to be building a product for a rapidly growing market:

100% average year over year growth in coworking membership since 2007 (source)

33% of professionals will work from outside of their headquarters by the year 2020 (source)

40% of Americans (65 million people) will freelance by the year 2020 (source)

Quite evidently, a shift to an increasingly mobile workforce is underway. In the coming years, the traditional headquarters paradigm will continue to undergo a transition that will result in team units becoming increasingly decentralized. Simply, more people will be working outside their company headquarters more frequently. As we see it, Bau users will span demographics of all ages and include professionals, artists, students, and beyond. We strive to provide a home and community for everyone to do their best work, wherever they are and on demand.

Where is Bau?

Our corporate headquarters address:

212 Sutter St.

San Francisco, CA 94108

More questions? Please visit our FAQ page.

Our Team

JF Thye, co-founder

JF is passionate about ideas that improve quality of life. Prior to Bau, JF worked in finance and development of clean technologies. He co-founded the first sail around the world that broadcasted live web content from remote biodiversity hotspots.

Tim Shaw, co-founder

Tim brings a decade of front and back end coding and design to Bau, with previous work in custom application, website, and data analytics. Tim’s passion for digital architecture extends into graphic design, where Tim has his digital roots.

How We Spell Our Name

The proper spelling of “Bau” in print is with an uppercase “B”. Our logo is always used with a lowercase “b”


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