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Space Pricing & Service Charges

Space Pricing

The Host sets rates and prices for their space, which the Host may adjust any time, as long as it does not affect an existing reservation that was made at a previous price. If desired, Bau is happy to make recommendations based on market rates.

Service Charge

For Reservations booked, Bau charges a Processing and Service Fee (together, the “Service Charge”):

Processing Fee:  To help cover the costs of processing Guest Payments, Bau charges 2.9% of the Guest Payments Collected and a $0.30 Fee per successful Guest credit card charge (together, the “Processing Fee”). This $0.30 Fee is applied no more than once per guest per day per credit card used at any of the Host’s locations.

Service Fee:  To help cover the costs of running Bau, we charge a 10% Fee (the “Service Fee”) of the Guest Payments Collected.

Cancellations:  Bau does not charge a Service Charge for cancelled Reservations under the terms of the Cancellation Policy.

Payment to the Host:  Bau will pay the Host the difference between the Guest Payments Collected and Service Charge due within 15 days after the end of month in which the Guest Payments were collected. Checks will be sent within 15 days after the end of the month.

Service Charge Modifications:  Bau may modify the Service Charge, after which the modified Service Charge will apply to Guest Payments.