Visitor Check In

Visitors Must Scan to Check In  


Visitors Scan Your Digital or Physical Entry QR Code to Check In

Open your Digital Entry QR Code on your Bau Dashboard on any desktop or mobile browser.

Contact us at [email protected] for assistance and advice on how to apply your Entry QR Code.

Secure & Flexible

  • Secure: The Bau Entry QR Code provides a secure check in experience for you and your Visitors (customers). It requires your Visitors to scan the Bau Entry QR Code at your designated location entry point to check in (concierge desk, gate, door, etc) with their BauHQ phone app. This prevents mistaken check-ins from alternate locations not approved by you.
  • Flexible: You always have both options to check in your Visitors, the physical and the digital Bau Entry QR Code. Use whatever works best for your space.

The Importance of Your Bau Entry QR Code

  • Your Host Location as a unique Bau Entry QR Code.
  • By scanning this Code, your Visitor's identity is immediately confirmed on your Bau Dashboard, where you can view their profile and activity at your location. 
  • The code also requires Visitors to check in at a specific point of your choosing, such as your concierge desk or building entrance. This confirms your visitor's presence at your space.
  • Once your Visitor is checked into your location, they can check in to any of your location spaces, such as lounges and rooms. Your Bau Dashboard tracks their time in each space and bills them automatically at the end of the day.
  • Reserved spaces are held for the Visitor. By checking into your location and into the reserved space, Visitors are reminded when time is up, can easily extend their space time, and are automatically billed for their time in your lounge after the reservation ends. The visitor ranges their time in the BauHQ apps transparent interface.
  • The BauHQ app also gives your customers wifi, space info, and keyless door entry ability that they can only access while checked into your location.

Ask visitors to check in by scanning your location's Bau Entry QR Code with their BauHQ app. An alert is sent to your host dashboard verifying the visitor's ID, indicating that they are valid account holders with a credit card.  

Bau tracks the time your visitors spend in your open seating areas and rooms, and bills them automatically at the end of the day. Your host dashboard tells you what's going on at all time.

Visitors can download the BauHQ app at, the App Store, or Google Play

Welcoming Bau Visitors

  1. Welcome the Bau visitor to your space.
  2. Ask visitor to check in by scanning your Bau Entry QR Code.
  3. Ask visitor to scan each of your lounges and rooms they enter that are listed on their phone app.
  4. Their first few minutes are always free, just in case they checked in by mistake.

Visitor Guests

Ask Bau visitor to add their guests on their BauHQ app, after scanning your location's Bau Entry Code. The guest button is on their app, and you will be instantly notified on your dash.

Add Guests.png

For Any Questions

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